BUXOM Full-On Lip Cream 4.45ml Creamsicle – Product Description

BUXOM Full-On Lip Cream 4.45ml Creamsicle – Product Description

BUXOM Full-On Lip Cream 4.45ml Creamsicle

“Enhance your pout with the BUXOM Full-On Lip Cream in the shade Creamsicle. This lip cream offers a creamy, high-shine finish with a plumping effect, giving you the perfect pucker for any occasion. Whether you’re going for a natural everyday look or a bold statement, this lip cream has got you covered.”

Key Features:

  • Plumping effect for fuller-looking lips
  • Creamy texture for smooth application
  • High-shine finish for a glamorous look
  • Long-lasting formula for all-day wear
  • Available in a variety of shades

Why Choose BUXOM Full-On Lip Cream?

When it comes to lip products, BUXOM Full-On Lip Cream stands out from the crowd. Here’s why:

1. Plumping Effect:

The BUXOM Full-On Lip Cream contains a unique peptide complex that enhances the natural fullness of your lips, giving them a plumper appearance without any discomfort.

2. Creamy Texture:

The creamy texture of this lip cream glides on smoothly, making it easy to apply. It feels luxurious on the lips and provides a hydrating effect, keeping your lips soft and supple.

3. High-Shine Finish:

If you love a glossy finish, the BUXOM Full-On Lip Cream is perfect for you. It delivers a high-shine look that catches the light and adds a touch of glamour to your makeup.

4. Long-Lasting Formula:

Don’t worry about constant touch-ups throughout the day. This lip cream has a long-lasting formula that stays put, ensuring your lips look fabulous from morning till night.

5. Variety of Shades:

With a wide range of shades available, you can find the perfect color to suit your mood and style. From subtle nudes to vibrant reds, there’s a shade for every occasion.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is the plumping effect noticeable?

A: Yes, the plumping effect is noticeable but still natural-looking. It enhances your lips’ fullness without overdoing it.

Q: Can I wear this lip cream alone or should I layer it with a lipstick?

A: You can wear the BUXOM Full-On Lip Cream alone for a glossy, high-shine look. However, if you prefer more intense color, you can layer it with a lipstick of your choice.

Q: Is this lip cream sticky?

A: No, the BUXOM Full-On Lip Cream has a non-sticky formula. It glides on smoothly and feels comfortable on the lips.


The BUXOM Full-On Lip Cream in the shade Creamsicle is a must-have for any lip product lover. Its plumping effect, creamy texture, high-shine finish, long-lasting formula, and variety of shades make it a versatile and essential addition to your makeup collection. Try it out and experience the difference it can make for your lips!