Brihard Junior Electronic Safe 17x23x17cm – Small Electronic Safe with Code – Digital Keypad LED Lock – First Safe for Teenagers Kids Christmas Gift

Brihard Junior Electronic Safe 17x23x17cm – Small Electronic Safe with Code – Digital Keypad LED Lock – First Safe for Teenagers, Kids, Christmas Gift


The Brihard Junior Electronic Safe is a small and compact safe designed for home use. With a capacity of 6 liters, it is the perfect size for storing personal items and makes an ideal Christmas gift for teenagers and kids. This safe provides a secure and convenient way to keep valuables protected.

Easy-to-Use Digital Keypad Lock Safe

The premium quality code safe features a digital solenoid electronic lock with LED indicators and additional anti-bump protection. The simple keypad interface allows for easy operation, and the sound and visual signals confirm the correct code or indicate errors. This makes the digital safe user-friendly for all ages.

Small Safe, High Quality

The Junior electronic safe is constructed with high-quality robust steel, ensuring durability and security. The soft carpeted floor provides protection from scratches on the inside, while the Titanium Grey (RAL 7015) scratch-resistant powder finish prevents damage to the exterior. This safe is built to last.

For Your Peace of Mind

Mounting the safe to the wall or floor is easy with the pre-drilled holes and included mounting hardware. The electronic safe operates on standard AA batteries, with 4 batteries included. With digital access, there are no keys to worry about. However, for emergencies or in case of a forgotten pin code, two emergency override keys are included.

Risk-Free 2-Year Warranty

Brihard offers a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty on all their electronic safe box models. This warranty ensures that you can confidently use your safe, knowing that it is reliable and durable. Brihard is committed to providing safes that protect your valuables and give you peace of mind.


The Brihard Junior Electronic Safe is the perfect first safe for teenagers and kids. Its small size, easy-to-use digital keypad lock, and high-quality construction make it an excellent choice for home use. With the added peace of mind of a 2-year warranty, you can trust Brihard to provide reliable and secure safes for your home or business.