Futaba BLS272SV Brushless HV S-Bus2 Servo – The Ultimate Servo for Precision and Power

Futaba BLS272SV Brushless HV S-Bus2 Servo – The Ultimate Servo for Precision and Power

Futaba BLS272SV Brushless HV S-Bus2 Servo


The Futaba BLS272SV Brushless HV S-Bus2 Servo is a cutting-edge servo designed for RC enthusiasts who demand the highest level of performance. With its lightning-fast speed and exceptional torque, this servo is perfect for a wide range of applications, from precision aerobatics to high-speed racing.

Main Features

  • Lightning-fast speed of 0.08 seconds
  • Impressive torque of 12.0Kg
  • Brushless motor for enhanced efficiency and durability
  • HV (High Voltage) capability for increased power
  • S-Bus2 technology for easy setup and control

Unmatched Speed and Torque

The Futaba BLS272SV servo boasts an incredible speed of 0.08 seconds, allowing for lightning-fast response times. Whether you’re performing precise maneuvers or racing at high speeds, this servo will keep up with your demands. Additionally, with a torque rating of 12.0Kg, it provides the power needed to handle even the most demanding applications.

Brushless Motor for Enhanced Performance

Unlike traditional servos, the BLS272SV features a brushless motor. This innovative design not only improves efficiency but also enhances the servo’s overall durability. With a brushless motor, you can expect smoother operation, reduced wear and tear, and increased longevity.

HV Capability for Increased Power

Equipped with HV (High Voltage) capability, the Futaba BLS272SV servo delivers increased power and performance. By operating at higher voltages, this servo can handle more demanding tasks without sacrificing speed or torque. Whether you’re pushing the limits of aerobatics or racing at top speeds, this servo will deliver the power you need.

S-Bus2 Technology for Easy Setup and Control

The BLS272SV servo features S-Bus2 technology, which simplifies setup and control. With S-Bus2, you can easily connect multiple servos to a single receiver, reducing clutter and simplifying wiring. Additionally, S-Bus2 allows for easy programming and customization, giving you full control over your servo’s performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the speed of the Futaba BLS272SV servo?

The Futaba BLS272SV servo has a lightning-fast speed of 0.08 seconds, ensuring quick and precise movements.

2. What is the torque rating of the BLS272SV servo?

The BLS272SV servo boasts an impressive torque rating of 12.0Kg, providing ample power for a wide range of applications.

3. Can the BLS272SV servo handle high voltages?

Yes, the BLS272SV servo is equipped with HV (High Voltage) capability, allowing it to operate at higher voltages for increased power and performance.

4. Does the BLS272SV servo feature S-Bus2 technology?

Yes, the BLS272SV servo utilizes S-Bus2 technology, which simplifies setup, control, and customization.

5. Is the BLS272SV servo durable?

Absolutely! The BLS272SV servo features a brushless motor, which enhances its overall durability and longevity.

Experience the ultimate servo for precision and power with the Futaba BLS272SV Brushless HV S-Bus2 Servo. Upgrade your RC experience today!