Murando Decorative Room Divider – Oriental Japan Asia

Murando Decorative Room Divider – Oriental Japan Asia

Murando Decorative Room Divider – Oriental Japan Asia


The Murando Decorative Room Divider – Oriental Japan Asia is an all-in-one printing masterpiece that combines original Full HD print quality with a charming design and functionality. With a height of 172 cm, it provides the perfect balance between comfort and visual impact. This room divider is ideal for various spaces, including large living areas, 1-bedroom apartments, bedrooms, wardrobes, beauty studios, and boutiques. It serves as an interesting decoration, visual protection, and changing room all in one!

Main Features


The room divider measures approximately 135×172 cm (width x height) and consists of 3 pieces (3x 45x172cm). The two-sided print on non-woven fabric premium quality canvas ensures the same visual effect on both sides of the screen. It is proudly made in Europe.


The Murando Decorative Room Divider is crafted from non-woven canvas of premium quality, stretched on a solid wooden frame that is 3 cm thick. It features metal hinges for durability. Each panel of the folding screen has two legs that protect both the product and the floor from any potential mechanical damages.


Only high-quality, water-resistant, and odorless paints are used in the production of this room divider. The colors are guaranteed to be vibrant and long-lasting. Rest assured, all of our products are non-toxic and safe for bedrooms and children’s rooms.

No Assembly Required

The Murando Decorative Room Divider arrives fully assembled and ready to be used. There are no complicated instructions or mounting required. Simply unfold it, set it up, and it’s ready to enhance your space!

Decorative Room Divider

This folding screen is more than just a plain divider. It features a high-quality single-sided print on non-woven canvas, showcasing original patterns created by our talented designers and artists. The Full HD print ensures exceptional clarity and detail. Whether you’re looking for a feeling of privacy or cosiness in larger rooms, this decorative room divider is the perfect solution.

Office Space in Your Home

A room divider can transform any interior into a functional office space. Whether you’re working remotely or need a background for video conferencing, the Murando Decorative Room Divider can serve as the perfect solution. It can also be used as an additional board for placing notes, making it a versatile addition to your workspace.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order multiple products in one package?

No, we can only send one product per package. If you wish to order more products, please submit individual orders for each item.

Is the room divider suitable for beauty studios and boutiques?

Absolutely! The Murando Decorative Room Divider is an excellent choice for beauty studios and boutiques. It adds an interesting decoration element while providing visual protection and privacy.

Is the room divider safe for bedrooms and children’s rooms?

Yes, all of our products, including the room divider, are made with non-toxic materials and safe for use in bedrooms and children’s rooms.

Thank you for exploring the Murando Decorative Room Divider – Oriental Japan Asia. Experience the perfect blend of design and functionality with this unique folding screen room partition. Order yours today and transform your space!