OvuSense Fertility Monitor – A True Medical Device When Timing is Critical

OvuSense Fertility Monitor – A True Medical Device When Timing is Critical

OvuSense Fertility Monitor – A True Medical Device When Timing is Critical

OvuSense is a true medical device specifically designed for women who are concerned about their fertility and ability to conceive after six months or more of trying. OvuSense’s patented technology and advanced algorithm make it more accurate than any other monitor on the market. OvuSense is backed by over 50,000 cycles of use, two clinical trials, and five peer-reviewed publications, confirming the medical basis for core body temperature monitoring. For those having difficulty conceiving after 6 months, it is estimated that 70% have some type of ovulation problem – OvuSense is for you. The good news is that the issues are treatable, and the treatment can often solve the problem with conception. When every month counts, no other system gives you as much information as OvuSense.

Advanced Core Temp with Superior Software Algorithm

OvuSense is the only system that measures core body temperature, typically 96 times in an evening. This data is processed by a proven software algorithm to provide exceptional predictive ability. The OvuSense Sensor is hygienic and bio-compatible, and has been certified with full biological safety evaluation testing under ISO 10993 regulations. This is everything you need, along with your smartphone (Android or iOS), for one year of monitoring. At the end of the year, you replace the sensor. Please note that OvuSense achieves such high levels of predictability and accuracy because it uses your true “core” body temperature – the sensor is placed internally while you sleep. This is for those who really want to understand when ovulation occurs.

The Best Chance of Pregnancy with Live Ovulation Prediction

OvuSense is the only fertility monitor that predicts ovulation 24 hours in advance using current cycle data – clinical studies show it gets this right 96% of the time. It then confirms ovulation with 99% clinically proven accuracy. OvuSense is approved by the FDA for sale under 510(k) number K122337 and proven in over 50,000 cycles of use.

100% Guaranteed

Use OvuSense for six months as indicated, and if ovulation is not detected, you will receive a full refund to help you seek additional treatment. Fertility Focus refunds you directly, not desertcart.

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OvuSense is a revolutionary fertility monitor that provides accurate and reliable information for women who are trying to conceive. With its advanced core temperature measurement and superior software algorithm, OvuSense offers the best chance of predicting ovulation and confirming it with high accuracy. Backed by clinical studies and FDA approval, OvuSense is a trusted medical device that can help women understand their fertility and seek appropriate treatment if needed. Don’t leave your fertility to chance, choose OvuSense for a better understanding of your reproductive health.