SYSKA HT3500K Ultratrim Corded & Cordless Trimmer

SYSKA HT3500K Ultratrim Corded & Cordless Trimmer

SYSKA HT3500K Ultratrim Corded & Cordless Trimmer


The SYSKA HT3500K Ultratrim Corded & Cordless Trimmer is a grooming tool designed to provide you with a precise and effortless trimming experience. With its fast charge feature, long runtime, and adjustable length settings, this trimmer is perfect for achieving your desired look.

Main Features

Fast Charge

With the fast charge capability of the SYSKA HT3500K, you can quickly charge the trimmer and get ready for your grooming session in no time. Say goodbye to waiting for hours for your trimmer to charge.

Long Runtime

Enjoy up to 120 minutes of cordless trimming with the SYSKA HT3500K. This long runtime ensures that you have enough time to achieve your desired style without any interruptions.

Adjustable Length Settings

The trimmer offers 20 length settings, allowing you to customize your trimming experience according to your preferences. Whether you want a clean shave or a well-groomed beard, this trimmer has got you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use the trimmer while it is charging?

Yes, the SYSKA HT3500K can be used both corded and cordless. You can use it while it is charging for added convenience.

2. How long does it take to fully charge the trimmer?

The trimmer can be fully charged in a short amount of time, thanks to its fast charge feature. The exact charging time may vary, but it is designed to charge quickly for your convenience.

3. Is the trimmer suitable for all hair types?

Yes, the SYSKA HT3500K is suitable for all hair types. Whether you have thick or thin hair, this trimmer can effectively trim and style your hair with ease.

4. Can I clean the trimmer easily?

Yes, the trimmer is designed for easy cleaning. You can detach the trimmer head and rinse it under running water for quick and hassle-free cleaning.

Experience the ultimate grooming tool with the SYSKA HT3500K Ultratrim Corded & Cordless Trimmer. Achieve your desired style effortlessly with its fast charge, long runtime, and adjustable length settings. Get yours today and elevate your grooming routine.